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Build Generational Wealth

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 Having additional financial security + resources for you and your family.

 Creating generational wealth (something pensions can't provide).

  Having financial freedom NOT needing to work endless overtime or climb rank just to get ahead.

 Having a clear vision on how to get started, grow, and scale over time.   

We take pride in having the #1 online training course and podcast that focus on helping First Responders invest in Real Estate. 



The 4 Keys To Building Generational Wealth As A Front-Line Worker

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Having someone in your corner who "gets it" is important. That need for a like-minded community with your best interest at heart, and understanding what we go through day in and day out is why First Responders Wealth Network was created.

Welcome, I’m Dave Knight the founder of First Responders Wealth Network.

I’m a full time police officer who’s worked the road for approximately 10 years.

My mission has been simple from day one - to help my own community of first responders learn how to build financial freedom, have the ability to take control of their time and financial future, plus create additional income and overall wealth to everyday front liners.


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