Real Estate Investing BOOTCAMP

Online Training Program

Want to build real generational wealth (unlike pensions), multiply your income, & create more freedom  - no matter your age, rank, schedule, or income level? 

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First Responders Wealth Network takes pride in having the only Online Training Program that provides the Wealth Building Blueprint to our own community throughout Canada & United States, PLUS learn the skills needed to invest in income producing real estate - using Active & Passive Strategies.

With many pension and retirement plans currently struggling or facing  reported "challenges" in the near future, history has shown us it is our responsibility to be productive and take control of our financial future...

Rather than relying on one source of income to live, or retire on.

"If you want to level up, you can never get ahead by exchanging time for dollars."

It can be a mindset shift for many - realizing we don't have to work endless OT, a 20-30+ year career of draining shift work, work a second job, or think climbing rank to increase our annual income and our lifestyle is the only option.

So how do we create more income, security, and create financial freedom faster, so we can spend time where we value it most?

How do we build a legacy to be proud of...create real Generational Wealth, something pensions can't do?

By focusing on Real Estate as your main wealth building vehicle, outside the workplace & pension. Period.


Real Estate Investing Bootcamp

Understand not all real estate is created equal and finding what works best for you is crucial.
No matter what stage in life you are at, you will benefit from this training.
We have packaged this course with the intension of you receiving the tools, and the knowledge needed to take action and do it!

If you're reading this, then you value your time, your future, and comprehend what the meaning of wealth means to you.


INSIDE THE BOOTCAMP myself, along with industry leading professionals and investors will provide you with the knowledge + skills + exact tools needed to take action & be successful moving forward:

 Residential & Commercial Real Estate Opportunities
 Active + Passive Investing Routes + action plan
 Buy-Renovate-Rent-Refinance-Repeat: The BLUEPRINT
 How to Flip OR Flip-to-Yourself 
 AirBnB + Short Term Rentals
 9 Ways to create value and income in any property or market 
 How to analyze and underwrite any income property + get my personal deal analyzer free
Conventional Banks Rules & Mortgages
Private Lending Routes
Creative Financing Strategies Breakdown
 How to Invest with little to no money 
 Leveraging Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships 
 Wholesaling + How To Find Off-Market Deals
 CPA: Chartered Professional Accountant advice 
✓ Structuring & Incorporating 
 Building Your Power Team 
 Choosing Your Perfect Market 
Screening & Managing Tenants 
 Your Mindset Paradigm Shift
 Setting Targets & Crushing Goals
Generational Wealth Pillars Breakdown
Your 90 Day Action Plan
Support & Accountability Group Access

Who Is This Bootcamp Training For?

This is why Real Estate Investing Bootcamp was created for us:

  • To show you the exact PASSIVE and ACTIVE investing paths Real Estate investing has to offer.
  • To crush your limiting beliefs and show you that YES, First Responders can do this "on the side" and still multiply net worth and income.
  • Not all real estate is created equal. Therefore, we build your foundation of knowledge and awareness, PLUS provide the tools and network needed for you to go out and execute.
  • We peel back the curtain to show you how investors build portfolio with OPM (other people's money), raise capital, find off market deals, analyze income properties properly, PLUS we breakdown the most optimal passive investing routes - and start having your capital and equity working for you rather than trading active routes.
  • Learn from Top Professionals & Investors across North America in this On-Demand Bootcamp training specifically designed for us.

Real Estate Investing Bootcamp


"Formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune"
- Jim Rohn