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Client Testimonials
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As a fellow Police Officer I had only known Dave as an acquaintance prior to listening to his podcast and reaching out to him for advice. I didn’t have any knowledge or experience on how to take the next step in acquiring a second property, which is something I wanted to do. Dave helped guide me down the right path with certainty, and I recently purchased a second property!!

I can confidently say that I would not have found myself in a position to purchase a second property, and wouldn’t have taken action so quickly if it were not for Dave’s guidance, and connections.

I would recommend anyone who is interested in real- estate investing reach out to Dave, he will always have your best interest at heart. I know the experience of purchasing a rental property can feel overwhelming at times but having people like Dave on your side who you can trust, makes the process so much easier.  

First Responder / New Investor

If you’re a first responder and you’re thinking of getting into real estate, or thinking about building wealth through real estate - I would highly recommend you give Dave a shout and tune into his podcast. He has built up a considerable sized portfolio of investment property’s single headedly, and all that generate equity and cash flow. Dave, I wish you the best of luck. You’re doing a great job and you’re a wealth of experience and knowledge all First Responders can trust.

-Adrian Pannozzo
Former Police Sgt / Real Estate Agent & Investor
I’m proud to write an endorsement for Dave Knight and his First Responders Wealth Network.
I have known Dave for over 15 years. He has always been an extremely hard worker who’s focused on delivering a quality product with integrity.
I remember doing our first real estate deal 10 years ago. We both purchased townhouses in our hometown. I flipped mine. Dave moved into his and focused on increasing the value. A year later, he sold his for several hundred thousand more than I was able to.
Since then Dave has done several more deals, each one being increasingly more complex. He’s gone on to student rentals, single family, and now multi unit buildings. His knowledge of the trades is deep as are his connections and understanding of your financing options.

Dave has worked tirelessly on his craft and has an insatiable appetite for learning as much as he can to bring to his listenership and students. His network is incredibly impressive and he is constantly increasing in scope. I highly recommend Dave Knight for anything related to real estate education.
He’s become a influencer in this field already and it’s admirable to see. 

– Darryl Waugh
CEO / Entrepreneur  
Learn the Exact Methods I used to Create a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Rental Portfolio on one income as a First Responder, and How You can Replicate it
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